Sustainability Analysis

EcoPractices Sustainability Analysis: On-Farm Practices Report

2016 (Benchmark)


You know how important sustainability of our environment, animals and community is to everyone at McCarty Family Farms. And we’ve worked hard at improving. Yet we want to have data-based measurements so we know the degree to which various practices are contributing to sustainability.

As a part of our role in The Dannon Pledge, we opened our doors to a one-of-a-kind, third-party analysis by EcoPractices to actually quantify the impact of our farms’ practices – the Sustainability Analysis On-Farm Practices Report.

So today, we’re sharing with you the benchmark 2016 executive summary, which compiles the data from all four of our farms (Rexford, Bird City and Scott City, KS; and Beaver City, NE). For a PDF of the executive summary, click here. The 2017 analysis is available here.


Benefits from Animal Care