Healthy Soil, Water and Wildlife

Our day-to-day operations are focused conserving valuable resources while providing a clean and comfortable environment for our animals.

  • We have greatly reduced the need for commercial fertilizer both on our own ground and the ground of our farmer partners.

  • Blue bird, screech owl, kestrel and barn owl boxes are placed in selected locations on our farms to help these important birds.

  • Working with Feed A Bee, we are planting native wildflower plots on our farms. Honey bees play an important role in pollinating crops, fruits, nuts and vegetables.

  • We collect rainwater and use it to clean our barns and irrigate our crops.

  • About 20% of our electricity is purchased from renewable sources like wind power.

  • We use solar-activated lights wherever possible.

  • Using the nutrients created on our farms, and adding it to the soil, brings additional benefits in the form of organic matter and micronutrients which ultimately enhances the health and productivity of the crops grown on those lands.

Every Drop Matters

Because our milk is made into yogurt, we can remove excess water in our own state-of-the-art milk condensing plant before transport to Dannon.

McCarty Family Farms reclaims about 20 million gallons of water a year from its milk, which is reused as drinking water for animals, cleaning barns and irrigating crops.

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Water is a major component of milk.

We remove 45,000 gallons of water per day from milk. That is the same amount of water used in 112 homes daily. As a result, we use 75% fewer trucks to transport milk to the processor.
20 million

Gallons of Water Reclaimed Annually

45 thousand

Gallons of Water Removed From Milk Daily