Our Processing Plant

Our Unique Processing Plant

Amongst the hundreds of acres of grassland and crop fields of western Kansas, a milk processing plant may seem out of place. To our family, it fits perfectly with our vision for the future.

It allows us to truly have a partnership with our customer – The Dannon Company – and a closer relationship with the people who dip their spoons into a cup of yogurt.

Our processing plant is the only one of its kind in North America. Milk from our Kansas and Nebraska dairies goes through the processing plant. First, the cream is separated from the milk. Then, the milk goes through an evaporator to remove extra water. All of the condensed cream and condensed skim milk is pasteurized, a vitally important safety measure.

Quality and safety testing is done at key points in the process. Then it is cooled before being piped onto tanker trucks for shipment to The Dannon Company – without the extra water removed by the evaporator.

What happens to the extra water? Every drop – about 20 million gallons a year – is reused for purposes such as cleaning and watering cows. It ultimately irrigates crops.


  • Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 by the international Global Food Safety Initiative system
  • Grade A facility, which means we are inspected by state officers commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and authorized to ship milk across state lines by the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shippers (NCIMS)
  • Kosher facility
  • Validus Traced, Segregated and Controlled audited, which demonstrates our ability to verify where our product comes from, where it goes and that it is handled correctly
20 million

Gallons of Water Reclaimed Annually