Our History

  • 1914The Beginning

    Our family begins milking cows near Sugar Run, PA
  • 1927Milk Production Recognition

    Our great-grandfather Taylor McCarty’s cow, Elmglade Pride Abbekerk, recognized for producing 101,966 lbs. of milk during her almost 11 years of milk production
  • 1937National Dairy Association Honor Roll

    Taylor McCarty achieves National Dairy Assn. Honor Roll for cow average of 395.2 lbs. of butterfat
  • 1953Market Check

    Sell a dairy calf weighing 114 lbs. for $14.25
  • 1981One of the Most Progressive Dairies

    PA Governor Dick Thornburgh tours McCarty farms, calling it “one of most progressive” in the state
  • 1985Worldwide Recognition

    Russian government delegation visits Sugar Run
  • 1987In the Press

    Featured on cover of Eastern AI Cooperator magazine
  • 1999Moving West

    Tom, Judy and their four sons buy a wheat farm near Rexford, KS, and make the move West
  • 2000Rexford Opens

    Started milking cows in Rexford
  • 2008New Bird City Dairy

    At the urging of the Bird City, KS, community, we built a new dairy
  • 2009Continuing to Expand

    A farm area especially for young cows is built
    Kansas Distinguished Dairy Farm Family of the Year
  • 2010Talks with Dannon

    The Dannon Company and our family begin discussions about an industry-first collaboration
  • 2011Innovation & Expansion Continue

    We assume operation of a dairy near Scott City Dairy, KS. Begin building a processing plant at the Rexford Dairy - the first of its kind in the U.S.
  • 2012Growth & Sustainability

    The first shipment is sent from our processing plant to Dannon
    Farms earn animal welfare certification by Validus
    Employ about 100 people
  • 2013Awards & Accreditations

    Named Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year by the International Dairy Foods Association and Dairy Today magazine
    Farms earn environmental certification by Validus
    Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development Agricultural Leader of the Year
  • 2014Responsible Growth

    Win U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award from the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy®
    Kansas farms earn Validus Certified Responsible Producers
    Purchase and renovate our 4th dairy near Beaver City, NE
    Vision Award from the Kansas Governor’s Conference on the Future of Water
  • 2015Job Growth

    Employ about 165 people
    Validus Certified Responsible Producer Certification earned by all our farms
  • 2016Looking Ahead

    Begin plans for another McCarty dairy
    Cows average a daily milk production of almost 85 lbs.
  • 2017Authenticated Progress

    Non-GMO Project Verified
    Validus Worker Care Certified
    EcoPractices Sustainability Analysis
  • 2018Expanding Operations

    First day of milking cows on Nov. 13 at MVP Dairy, a partnership with the VanTilberg family.