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Four Dairies With a Single Focus

Cow comfort is extremely important to us. We use sand bedding for our cows to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is also a soft bedding and allows for additional comfort. The sand is groomed, fluffed and aerated daily.

Proper nutrition is an important part of our production. A nutritionist examines the feed to ensure our cows are eating a healthy ration. The cows are fed a mixture of corn silage, alfalfa hay, cotton seed, canola meal, flaked corn, corn hominy, a molasses mix and mineral.

Handling our cows is important at all of our dairies. Our goal is to produce as much milk as possible, and cows that are handled properly do just that.

McCarty Family Farms has Four Dairy Farms

Rexford, KS

In 2000, after our family made the move from Pennsylvania, we began milking cows at our dairy in Rexford. Today, it is our flagship dairy, with the milk condensing plant next to the milking parlor. At first, we milked 225 cows. Today, there are approximately 1,600 cows being milked here.

The dairy at Rexford has expanded over the years. In 2011, construction began on the milk plant, which processed its first load of milk on March 31, 2012. Milk from the Nebraska and Kansas farms is piped or shipped to the processing plant.

Bird City, KS

Our family was approached by the local economic development foundation about building a dairy in Bird City. They realized the impact our dairies were having on the school systems and the communities of Rexford and Scott City, and they wanted the same thing for their town.

In 2008, we began milking cows at our Bird City dairy. Today, we milk 2,700 cows.

Scott City, KS

We took on our third dairy, at Scott City, in 2011. Approximately 2,300 cows are milked here each day. While the Rexford and Bird City dairies have parallel parlors, Scott City is different. The cows here are milked in a carousel parlor. The cows step onto a platform while the parlor moves slowly in a circular motion. Employees are stationed along the carousel to prepare each cow to be milked.

The udders are cleaned, wiped down and checked for any abnormalities. The milking unit is attached and the cows remain on the carousel for less than 10 minutes before the milking process is complete. The cows then return to a freestall barn.

Beaver City, NE

In the summer of 2014, we added a fourth dairy to McCarty Family Farms by purchasing from a farmer seeking to retire and renovating.

The Beaver City Dairy is home to 1,500 cows. The cows here are milked three times daily, resulting in 9 gallons of milk per cow, per day. The milk is hauled to Rexford, where 6,000 gallons of water is reclaimed daily. Like the rest of our condensed milk, everything from Beaver City is made into Dannon yogurt and sold throughout the U.S.

The day-to-day operations are handled by 16 employees who are dedicated to the care and comfort of our cows and the quality of milk. Our animal nutritionist and veterinarian add their expertise, as they do at our other dairies.

Validus Certified

The demand for food products produced using socially responsible practices is on the rise. Today, consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing products that meet specific animal welfare, environmental and on-farm security criteria. Certification from Validus allows consumers to easily identify these products.

Validus is an independent certification company that works with farmers and food companies to ensure that food is produced using socially responsible on-farm production practices. Validus uses proprietary assessments and audits to certify products.

All McCarty Family Farms dairies have passed all four Validus reviews – animal welfare, environmental, on-farm security and worker care – and is the only farm to earn its highest recognition as a Certified Responsible Producer.

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Worker Care