Our Family

I t was 1914 when the McCarty family first began milking dairy cows near Sugar Run, PA.

For the next 85 years, the farm would earn a reputation as dedicated animal care advocates, progressive farmers, and exceptional at building a herd of quality milking cows through careful performance records.

As the area became more populated, the everyday logistics made it hard to be a farmer. So, Tom and Judy McCarty, whose four sons wanted to continue the family dairy legacy, realized a geographic change was necessary. In 1999, they purchased a wheat farm in western Kansas and moved their family and cows.

The plains of Kansas grew to be their home. Mike, Clay, David and Ken are now fulfilling their dairy farming destiny.

They all have families of their own and have distinct areas of expertise:

  • Mike oversees everything at Bird City and Beaver City dairies. In addition, he's in charge of all milk quality plus our internal parlor service company.
  • Clay oversees the Rexford and Scott City dairies, care and raising of our heifers, and crop farming.
  • David is our chief financial officer and in charge of the main office. He is instrumental in making sure everything behind the scenes supports producing great milk.
  • Ken is in charge of all our animal welfare and sustainability initiatives. He also does our community outreach and communications.

Tom and Judy set the high standards their sons strive for every day.

The extended family now includes more than 165 co-workers and the surrounding communities. Learn more about our history here.