Our Legacy Is Created Every Day

Proudly committed to caring for
cows, people and the land.

More than 100 years ago, the McCarty family started and ended every day milking cows by hand in a small barn without electricity in northeast Pennsylvania. Four generations later, McCarty Family Farms is at home in western Kansas and Nebraska. In 2018, McCarty Family partnered with the VanTilberg Family to create MVP Dairy near Celina, Ohio. We strive for the utmost in animal welfare, environmental stewardship, sustainable communities and the creation of safe, rewarding work environments. While we constantly achieve new milestones, what stays the same is our love for being dairy farmers.

EcoPractices Sustainability Analysis:
On-Farm Practices Report

You know how important sustainability of our environment, animals and community is to everyone at McCarty Family Farms. And we’ve worked hard at improving. Yet we want to have data-based measurements so we know the degree to which various practices are contributing to sustainability. As a part of our role in The Dannon Pledge, we opened our doors to a one-of-a-kind, third-party analysis by EcoPractices to actually quantify the impact of our farms’ practices:
2017 EcoPractices Summary
2016 (Benchmark) Summary

We create wholesome dairy foods in a sustainable manner. Our family and team have a true commitment to cows, people and the land.

Validus Certified Responsible Producer

McCarty Family Farms is the first dairy in the U.S. to earn Validus Certified Responsible Producer certification. While being the most prestigious certification offered by Validus, it also requires very vigorous, ongoing testing. The Validus Certified Responsible Producer certification means that we have met the high standards for all of these: Animal Welfare Review Certification, Environmental Review Certification, and On-Farm Security Review Certification. In addition, all McCarty Family Farms have earned Worker Care certification.

Our processing plant has passed the Validus Traced, Segregated and Controlled audit, which demonstrates our ability to verify where our product comes from, where it goes and that it is handled correctly.

Validus Certification

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