Proud Winner of the 2014 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award

We are honored to win the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy’s most prestigious award for sustainability achievements. Read more about this important milestone, and watch a newly released video about how our conservation efforts are making a difference.

The People of McCarty Family Farms

Tom and Judy McCarty moved to the plains of Kansas to allow their four sons, Mike, Clay, David and Ken, to fulfill their dairy farming destiny. The extended family now includes more than 100 co-workers and the surrounding communities.

Wholesome Dairy Foods from Our Farm for Your Family

One hundred years ago, our family started and ended every day milking cows by hand in a small barn without electricity in northeast Pennsylvania. Four generations later, we’re at home here, in western Kansas. Much has stayed the same since 1914–our commitment to cows, people and the land.

Yet much has changed to take better care of our cows and natural resources. And, to bring even better dairy foods to your table.  For example, we work with the top experts in animal nutrition and well-being. Taking care of our cows is our highest priority. In fact, three of our dairy farms have received certification by VALIDUS, an independent firm with the most stringent requirements for socially responsible, scientifically based, economically viable and long-term solutions for dairy animal care. In addition, key people at each of our dairies are certified in the Beef Quality Assurance program.

How milk goes from our farm to your store is also improving.  Since the Spring of 2012, all milk from our three Kansas dairies, and now our Beaver City, Neb. dairy, goes directly to our state-of-the-art milk processing plant located next to the Rexford milking parlor.  This processing plant helps us conserve natural resources such as water, and reduce the amount of transportation needed. From our processing plant, milk goes to The Dannon Company where yogurt and other delicious dairy foods are made.

MFF Ruan tanker

  • Our Local Community

    Local businesses provide everything from animal feed to fiber optics. The area school districts have more students. Neighboring farmers sell their crops to the farm and fertilize their fields with manure from the cows.

  • Our Mission

    As a family and organization, McCarty Family Farms, LLC, strives to create wholesome products in a sustainable manner. Using best management practices, our farm works to achieve the utmost in animal welfare, environmental stewardship, sustainable communities, and the creation of a safe, rewarding work environment.